Aquence Systems

AquenceSystem1Aquence®, (a trademark of Henkel Corporation) also known as autodepostion or A-coat, is a waterborne process that depends on chemical reactions to achieve deposition. This unique process has been employed to coat millions of square feet of surface. Presently, there are numerous installations in operation, both captive and job-shop, coating a variety of fabricated steel parts for the automotive and general industry markets.

Some of the features of autodeposition are its ability to uniformly coat parts of all shapes, both inside and outside, and its low temperature bake-oven requirements, allowing the processing of composite (rubber or plastic to metal) assemblies. Lastly, as cleaning only is required, most systems do not require the installation of a traditional waste treatment process.

Belco Industries was one of the first equipment companies in North America to work with Henkel and has installed many lines throughout the USA and Mexico.

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