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forklift for installWhen it comes time to invest in an equipment upgrade, a lot goes into the decision, the development and of course, the installation. Whether it’s  an existing or a new production line, the install can often be challenging. There are some steps you can take to prepare which can go a long way toward helping the process go smoothly and sidestep any downtime.

Ask Questions

Good communication with everyone involved in the project is essential to understand what needs to be accomplished prior to the equipment being delivered. Ask about electrical requirements, Ethernet and necessary pneumatic devices for instance. Also inquire about what is included with the new equipment, such as cables and anchors.

Consider Surroundings

Are there any environmental factors you need to address? Is the floor thickness appropriate for the weight of the equipment? What about stability – will anchors be needed? Is the access door large enough or will you need an alternate entryway? Keep in mind as well, that some existing components may need to be relocated to accommodate the new floor plan and layout. This can be done ahead of time, as can rearrangement of lighting if necessary.

Gather everything you need

Do you have a forklift to move the equipment? What kind of tools are needed for handling and installation? You may need things like ropes, pallets, wrapping film and crowbars. Find out what is necessary and get everything together before delivery day arrives.

Think about timing

If needed, make sure you give yourself enough time to remove any existing equipment and make alternate plans just in case the timeline ends up getting altered in any way.

Think ahead

Find out if there are spare parts to be stocked, inform employees of installation and schedule training on the new equipment. Ask about maintenance and put a plan in place. Then, consider what happens after installation. With Belco, you can rest easy knowing we’ll be there for you to ensure everything goes smoothly before, during and after installation.

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