Belco Hot Log Saw Outperforms Log Shear

Since the replacement of the log shear on Press 1 in March of 2005 with the Belco Hot Log Saw, we have
been exceptionally happy with its performance. Everyone (both maintenance and production) agrees
that it is an excellent system and a huge step forward compared to a log shear or a billet press. It
requires much less babysitting by the press operators and much less fine tuning by maintenance. It
offers all of the flexibility/infinite variability in billet length and scrap savings of a press equipped with a
shear, requires no cut billet inventory and does not have the shortcomings of a shear (excessive
maintenance, “football” shaped billet ends). We are so convinced that it is superior to a log shear that
in 2008 when we were specifying the equipment for our 5th press line, we insisted that it be equipped
with a hot log saw.

We hope to be converting our one remaining shear press and the two billet presses with hot log saws in
the coming years.

I’d be happy to speak to anyone regarding the superior performance of a saw versus a shear.

Best regards,
Craig Daily
Technical Services Manager
Bonnell Aluminum
Carthage, TN

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