Belco Industries Powder Coating System Raises the Bar on Quality

When Northland-Marvel, a leading manufacturer of premium undercounter refrigeration products, refrigerator/freezer systems, wine cellars, beverage and wine refrigerators, refrigerated drawers, outdoor refrigerators, ice machines and beverage dispensers began their quest to source a powder coating system suitable for the caliber of products that they produce, they turned to Belco Industries, an industry veteran for 50 years building quality systems.

Northland-Marvel’s requirements were very demanding due to their insistence on improving their already sound reputation. Combined with the need to close both of their existing facilities and relocate into a new facility, time was of the essence. Belco’s engineering team and manufacturing people worked closely with Northland-Marvel and the building contractors to ensure that the system would be installed on time.

Most of the components were pre-assembled at Belco’s manufacturing facility, thereby greatly reducing the installation time. This was an important point in the contract since the building was not available until November and the contract start up time was the beginning of January, right after the holiday season. Due to the coordinated effort of all the teams involved, the system was installed on time and within budget.

The turnkey installation included the Pretreatment System with RO unit, Moisture Drying Oven, Powder Cure Oven, Environmental Room, Overhead Conveyor, installation of the Nordson Powder Coating equipment and Computer Control System.

Northland-Marvel was impressed with Belco’s attention to detail and willingness to take on and respond to any issues that came up during the installation process.

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