Belco Industries Relocates Headquarters

If the new Belco Industries Headquarters looks familiar to you, you’re not alone.

For over 20 years, Belco Industries has operated two locations in Belding, Michigan. The headquarters was located downtown on historic East Main Street, while manufacturing was handled two miles across town at the West Belding Road facility.

In June 2010, Belco Industries relocated its headquarters to the West Belding Road location.

“With manufacturing and our front office working so closely together, it made sense for us to combine operations under one roof.” said Mike Kohn, Belco Industries President. “We’re already recognizing more efficiencies than we expected.”

Belco Industries now handles manufacturing and administation out of the newly renovated 70,000 square foot facility at 9138 West Belding Road.

“We’re proud of our new space and look forward to spending the next 50 years here.” added Kohn.

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