Belco Introduces Narrow Cut Hot Log Saw Technology

Belco Industries Patented Hot Log Saw introduced the aluminum extrusion industry to a new technology. Belco has now improved that idea with significant reduction in wasted aluminum by reducing saw chips.

The new “Narrow Cut Hot Log Saw” (NCHS) has been commissioned at Crystal Extrusion Systems, LTD. in their Union, Missouri plant. Many said the original Hot Log Saw was one of the most innovative ideas to be presented in years to the aluminum extrusion industry, and now Belco, with the cooperation of B&O Saws, has improved the Hot Log Saw technology even further.

Combining patented technology from Otto Junker, UK LTD. and the expertise of B&O Saws in cutting hot aluminum logs, Belco now has increased the savings of installing a Narrow Cut Hot Log Saw over the old shear and single blade technology. With its lower scrap reduction characteristics and even lower maintenance requirements, extruders will find it an easy decision to implement the NCHS into their extrusion operations.