Belco’s Automatic Die Cleaning Systems Improves Safety and Efficiency With Minimal Down Time

Belco’s Automatic Die Cleaning System rolled into Belton, SC to help Hydro Aluminum keep their dies in great shape for top production efficiency.

Hydro Aluminum installed a Belco Automatic Die Cleaning System several months ago, upgrading from a process that relied heavily on manual operation for die cleaning.

Nearly all self-contained, safety is key with Hydro’s new Belco system.  Gone are several points in the process that involved operators coming into close contact with caustic substances and having to wear protective equipment under a ventilation system.

Many features help improve the process, including double mix propellers to keep the solution evenly distributed and cooling accelerated by the system’s rinse cycle with the help of The system’s diagnostic and optimization capabilities allow for continuous improvement as well.

Belco continues to build new systems and improve safety and equipment intelligence for customers. Will your business be next? Contact us today to learn more about the ways the Automatic Die Cleaning System can benefit your business.

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