Belco’s New Probe Maintenance Kit Saves Time, Keeps Supplies Stocked

If you maintain a medium to large extruder that has one or multiple gas-fired furnaces, you know it is vital to be able to perform maintenance quickly and on-site. If a probe system needs service, it would be convenient to have all the parts you need immediately on hand.

Announcing the all-inclusive Probe Maintenance Kit from Belco, which includes all the spare parts you may need to service your Belco Log or Billet Furnace temperature probe.

The components available in this kit encompass all aspects involved in servicing the probe assemblies in your furnace. The Probe Maintenance Kit system is specially stocked, with a volume of parts based on the number of probes in your plant.

Belco knows that your furnace may not be conveniently located right next to your parts inventory, so they put it on wheels for easy relocation. Instead of wasting time traveling between your parts inventory and your furnace, the inventory moves easily to the workspace at hand.

Just a sampling of what the rolling kit will contain:

• Probe cylinder and cylinder rebuild kits
• Probe leads
• Insulators
• Springs
• Probe rods
• A probe maintenance manual

Time is money and your furnace probes must remain in top working order to get the best performance out of your furnace. Get your Belco Probe Maintenance Kit to maximize performance and efficiency.


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