Belco’s Ovens

Belco’s elevated or floor mounted ovens are unique in that they are constructed with a center header in the floor panels which allow people to walk on them without crushing the surfaces. None of our competitors in the entire country can claim this unless they got the idea from Belco.

Batch Ovens
Special shaped parts and small quantities call for batch ovens to cure painting. Air-circulating, convection type ovens are a Belco specialty. Custom designed batch ovens are available to meet specific requirements.

Dry-off Ovens

  • Moisture removal from parts between the spray washing and the painting or coating process.
  • Ovens are equipped with an overhead or belt conveyor.
  • All ovens available with choice of heat source and designed for maximum productivity.

Curing Ovens

  • Belco Ovens are individually designed and built to accommodate your product requirements.
  • Designs include floor, elevated and roofmounted curing ovens.
  • Six inch thick, insulated walls and ceilings provides maximum energy efficiency.

Belco Advantages

  • All components from only the top name suppliers for easy replacement.
  • Long lasting, heavy duty materials of construction—no shortcuts.
  • Belco’s never walk away policy—if we make a mistake, we fix it at no additional cost.