Electrocoat Systems

Electrocoat1Belco Industries designs your electrocoat system to offer precise control over film thickness, achieve the lowest operating costs, produce highest film integrity and a consistent quality appearance. We work directly with PPG, BASF, Dupont and Valspar to custom engineer your system per their specifications.

Electrocoating offers extremely high repeatability of results and is a perfect alternative for consistently finishing metal parts of virtually all sizes, shapes, gauges and grades. Some of the primary industries utilizing electrocoat processes include automotive, agriculture, appliance, fasteners, HVAC, lawn & garden, truck & bus, wheels, metal office furniture, automotive components, railways and lab furniture.

Electrocoat systems offer near 98% material efficiencies and excellent flexibility with both iron and zinc systems for both anodic and cathodic configurations. Electrocoating is highly efficient and cost effective utilizing a minimum amount of labor, yet producing maximum productivity yields.

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