Log Shears


Narrow Cut Hot Saw Benefits include

  • Smaller blade results in less kerf
  • Two smaller blades cost less than one large diameter blade
  • Less horsepower for motors overall
  • Carbide tip replacement is less costly
  • Blade change easier due to lighter blade

Hot Saw developed by Belco and B&O Saws

U.S. Patent No. 7,047,784 & 7,328,600

Some of the advantages of sawing hot aluminum logs versus shearing or purchasing pre-cut billets are:

  • Allows for reduced raw stock inventories
  • Sawed ends on billets are flat and square
  • Reduces extruded profile scrap
  • Improves extruded profile quality
  • Lower hydraulic pressures will result in:
    • Fewer leaks
    • Less wear
    • Lower maintenance
    • Less energy consumption
  • The log diameter can be changed without mechanical change of the equipment
  • The Belco/B&O Hot Log Saw can be retrofitted into current shear installations
  • More competitively priced than a shear