Air and/or Water Quenchers

Extrusion Pullers

Extrusion Puller and Hot Saw

Belco extrusion pullers give you better control of extrusion lengths.

They reduce twisting and turning.

Our pullers keep extrusions on the run-out table, for minimal scrap and surface damage.

They are available in single or dual applications.

The dual system consists of two pullers working together on separate tracks. Dual pullers can achieve higher rates of production and minimal scrap when servicing today’s high speed, short cycle presses.

They are programmed for precise, accurate operation to match your production demands.

Air or Water Quench

Flood Quenching

The standing wave style flood quench pictured takes the place of a standard lead-out table.

In some applications, a flood quench may be required instead of air-quenching for more rapid cooling of extrusions as they exit the press.

Belco can provide air-only, water-only, or convertible air/water quench tables that deliver extra versatility for your operation.

Annealing capabilities are available on all designs.