Hydro Decides on Belco Industries Inc. for 2 Narrow Cut Hot Log Saws

Hydro Extrusions North America unit in St. Augustine, Florida, has chosen Belco Industries Inc. to provide two new next generation Narrow Cut Hot Log Saws for their existing press lines, along with a new log furnace.

Hydro’s 8” to 9” diameter press will receive a Model 89-NCHLS Narrow Cut Hot Log Saw, along with a Model 89-25-5-PR30-2-P-L log furnace. The furnace will be capable to heat and cut up to 11,000 lbs per hour of 9” logs. The saw will cut accurate and consistent-length billets that will be sent to the press. The hot log saw also includes a “No-Scrap” cycle that will use the complete log. A second 9” press line will also integrate a Model 89-NCHLS saw, and will be adapted to an existing furnace. Each line will have dual log tables that will load different types of aluminum alloys into the furnace.

Hydro’s St. Augustine unit is a leading supplier of extruded aluminum solutions including supply sourcing, extrusion, finishing, and fabrication of components, as well as contract manufacturing services, serving a variety of industries.