Hydro Upgrades 10″ Press Line Handling

Hydro Aluminum’s Extrusion North America has awarded Belco Industries a contract to provide a new quenching system and dual puller for its 10” press line at the North Liberty, Indiana plant.

Hydro’s 3600-ton press will receive a dual water and overhead air quenching system to improve the production of the press. A new Dual Puller and Flying Cutoffs saw will be added as well. The system will be incorporated with the existing handling table.

Belco’s Model 120-14.5-3Z-MHP Waterwall/Spray Quench will have a 3-zone, high pressure spraying system with a dedicated cooling tower. Two air quench ducts will be integrated to the dual puller’s overhead rail. This will provide high volumes of cooling air onto the extrusions. The Dual Puller is a Model 202-250-1000 which has two pullers that bypass each other and both heads will come up to the flying saw.

The pullers are designed to handle extrusion speeds of over 200 FPM. The Cut-On-The-Fly Saw, Model 105-23, is a redesigned component to handle the speeds and heavy profiles from the extruder. The design of the system will be able to allow upgrades, such as a new belt cooling table if necessary.

Hydro’s North Liberty facility is a leading supplier of extruded aluminum solutions. With three presses, it offers a wide variety of extrusions with fabrication and finishing services for various transportation, industrial, electrical and electronic markets.

Since 1959, Belco has steadily evolved into a prominent global provider of high quality extrusion systems. Its diversified line of products smoothly, efficiently and productively integrates into any system, leading to reliable and economical performance for our customers.

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