INTEX Adds Fourth Extrusion Press with Belco Handling Equipment

International Extrusions in Garden City, Michigan, has awarded Belco Industries Inc. a contract to provide a new handling system for a 7” press line and an extrusion “CHOMPER II” in front of the exit of the press.

International Extrusions’ 1800-ton press will receive a Belco Model 602-138 x 5-SD belt storage conveyor with a 32” wide saw in-feed conveyor, to improve the production of the press.

A new B&O Saws Model 824 finish cut-off saw and chip collector will be integrated into the existing handling table system, along with a Belco saw exit gauge table with off load belts and an automatic cutting cycle.

As the material is fed through the finish saw, the operator will make a trim cut and the system will go into an automatic cycle that will feed the extrusions up to the gauge stop. The saw will then clamp and cut the material, which will be automatically removed from the gauge table using the off load belts. This will bring the extrusions to the operators and the cycle will repeat until the saw in-feed conveyor has run out of material.

At the exit side of the press, Belco will supply a “CHOMPER II” designed specifically for International Extrusions. This is a unique piece of equipment, specifically designed for the requirements of International Extrusions by Belco Industries, and will lead to significant savings on labor costs.

International Extrusions plant in Garden City, Michigan, will soon be a four-press operation. They offer a wide variety of high-quality aluminum extrusions, including powder coating for various markets.

Since 1959, Belco has steadily evolved into a prominent global provider of high quality extrusion systems. Its diversified line of products smoothly, efficiently and productively integrates into any system, leading to reliable and economical performance for our customers.