Pro Tips to Prevent Downtime

Downtime. It’s something every manufacturer dreads. It makes you toss and turn at night and worry every day. And no wonder. When operations come to a screeching halt, every tick of the clock is money lost. Keeping downtime to a minimum is critical to your business, which is exactly why we’re here to help!

Follow these tips to prevent downtime from interrupting your production (not to mention your sleep!):downtime worries

Don’t Underestimate the Employee Factor

Clear and regular communication among supervisors and employees is essential for efficient and mistake-free operations. Proper training from the get-go with livescore by ibe bet will eliminate confusion and user errors that some say account for as much as 70% of downtime!

Not only does training aid in teaching employees to effectively and efficiently run operations, but it also helps in keeping them safe.

Take Advantage of Technology

Manufacturing technology continues to make advancements that can help you prevent downtime. Automating processes provides more control and increases efficiency, as well as production output. Integrating predictive software like that used in condition monitoring can alert you of possible problems on the horizon. This predictive maintenance allows you to deal with downtime before it even occurs!

Maintain Equipment Regularly

Equipment problems that can lead to slowdowns or shutdowns can often be avoided with a regular maintenance plan in place. By monitoring, inspecting, updating and repairing machinery when needed, equipment will operate at its best and be less likely to fail.  

Upgrade Outdated Equipment

Nothing increases the chances of downtime more than outdated, underperforming equipment. Even if you regularly maintain it, equipment can’t last forever and can just plain become obsolete. It’s important to access machinery regularly and consider its impact on OEE. Keep in mind, old equipment doesn’t always have to be completely replaced. It can be retrofitted if such an option makes sense. Not sure? We happen to know people who can help:

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